Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Link

I was quite surprised today to get a special Valentine from a co-blogger, Mr Writer of Wrongs himself, Terry Towery. True, he's a swell fella and always ready with a kind word, but I was honestly shocked to see I rated as one of his favorite blogs. Truly, I'm just rambling to myself with the occasional fleeting thought of 'oh, people might see this *EDIT EDIT EDIT*' I find Terry to be highly intelligent and destined for success. If you haven't seen his blog, go check him out at: Terry Towery

Now I pass this on to five people. This is really hard for me, so don't take it like the Dodge Ball picking nightmare that junior high inflicted on us. This is by no means a popularity contest and I LOVE YOU ALL. (yanno, if you take these sorts of things to heart, the blatant COLD dismissal of your peers) KIDDING KIDDING!

I could have done this alphabetically or who is the sexiest or even who has perdy perdy colors on their blogs, but I went with eenie meenie miney moe. Because I'm democratic like that.

First up: Justine Dell. Like me, she's an aspiring writer. She's always been a sweet sweet SWEET lady (need I repeat?) and makes me smile all the time. Especially when my f*ups are just as bad as hers. There's camaraderie there, I tell ya. Always supportive and keeping me from downing the Southern Comfort, I'd like to thank her for keeping me sane. Okay, I can't even TYPE that with a straight face. She's at

Next we have: Tiffany Neal. She's a Texan so automatically good people. Okay, that's not true. She's a teacher and the world needs more of those. Plus she's a writer, she's sweet, and can talk herself out of speeding tickets. That's the kind of person you want on your team. She's at

Next down the catwalk is: Emily White. I read her blog, but I'm a crappy commenter. She's also a writer, is incredibly supportive, always informative, and hey, those neon flowers and butterflies in the background rock. Don't ever change them. She's at

Coming into sight now is: Shelley Sly. Also a writer (see a trend here?), Shelley always helps me smile when I start to freak out over something stupid. She sent me my very first award ever and helped me feel like I was part of the blogging community. Yes, folks. Just a few short weeks ago, I had no idea how this thing worked. She's at

Last but not least, especially since she was the first: Pauline Thomas. She was my first stalker. I mean follower. I'm a bad, bad person because I read her posts and smile then say NOTHING. What kind of monster am I??? She's charming and funny, and it's a shame she doesn't have more followers to see how special she is. Go there. I demand it. Then again, I demand a lot of things. She's at

And Terry, I clicked on that website for the lovelink thing, but there's not a place for 'look at me, I did it!' so I'm leaving it off this post. I actually read the fine print. That doesn't happen every day people! *sits in smug pride*

PS Blogger sucks. I had to recode this crap to prevent wall o'text.


Terry Towery said...

You're hilarious. And a damned good blogger. You would deserve to be in anyone's top 5.

So there. ;P

Shelley Sly said...

Aww thank you Christi!! Hugs to you! And Terry's right, you do write a damn good blog; it's one that I always make sure I read. :) :)

Lydia Smith said...

This is a interesting list. I am going to check out each and every. Happy Valentine's Day.

Alleged Author said...

I am a stalker! You make it so easy to stalk you though. I only stalk the best!

JE said...

Thanks Christi!! You totally made my day ;-)

Emily White said...

Aw shucks! You're too kind! I'm going to have check out those blogs.

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