Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Won an Award

I won an award. Go me. Now the painful part ensues: listing ten things about myself that are unusual or odd (which a limit of ten is so restricting, btw).
1. I played the Fairy Godmother in a play and had to sing 'Bibbity Bobbity Boo' in a scary yellow dress and smack 'mice' on the head with my wand. I was 11, so I greatly enjoyed beating on my classmates without getting in trouble.
2. My first and second cars were 70s Volkswagens in the 90s. I miss them so much. I now have an HHR.
3. I am possibly the only female who has not read, nor will ever read, any book about vampires in Oregon. My 13 year old tried to get me to. I made it to page 8. Every other female relation (mother and sisters) is in love with Edward. I know this makes me the freak.
4. I started writing novel length work by writing Harry Potter fanfic. Snape is hawt.
5. My first concert was Cinderella/Bon Jovi. I was 13. My last concert was Red/Seether/Breaking Benjamin/Three Days Grace. I have tickets for my favorite band, Blue October, in April. Maybe this isn't 'odd' but I prefer their albums from ten years ago, and that's sort of odd.
6. I've never read J.D. Salinger. This seems to be an issue lately with the recent passing of this literary idol.
7. My ex-husband named our daughter after "Holli Wood" from Cool World. I am ashamed of this.
8. I've never found George Clooney or Brad Pitt sexy. I'd snog Alan Rickman in a heartbeat.
9. I attend Ren Faires. Lots of them. I have many costumes. I'm a dork.
10. In the last five years, I've never bought my father a birthday or Christmas present that was not Pink Floyd related in some way. It's a 'thing' we have.
Okay, there we are. 10 things about me that are weird without being TMI or disgusting.


Terry Towery said...

Interesting stuff. If I was a chick, I'd want to snog Snape, too. Something about that voice ... ;)

We have a cool ren faire here. We go every autumn. I like the food. And the maidens.

Erin Kuhns said...

Hey there. I found you through Tiffany Neal's blog and thought I'd come on over and snoop around. And I've been enjoying your blog quite a bit.

And for the record, I read Catcher in the Rye last year - first time ever - and I will join the ranks of never having read Stephenie Meyer, with no immediate (or distant) plans to do so either.

(And while I'd never kick Brad Pitt out of my bed, I have never thought George Clooney is remotely hot. Talented, sure, but hot, nope.)

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