Monday, February 15, 2010

Capturing the Captcha

So, as I was commenting on a blog today, I typed in the captcha to post it, and once again... it was ALMOST a word. Maybe I'm the only one amused by this, but let me share a true story. My current manuscript is fantasy. I have created a world with all new creatures and people to name with... yanno... standard funky names. In order to avoid stepping on anyone's toes, I would go to Google and randomly type in letters until NOTHING came up. I wanted all new, never before seen words.

Following my train of thought yet regarding captchas? I now realize that THESE are what I should have used all along. I should have just gone and commented all over the place and jotted down the captchas. I think I might do that for my next book. Or MAYBE write a book ABOUT captchas and how they hide in the ethernet and randomly yell out their own names, and when someone types it, they're FREE! Sort of the bells and fairies thing.

Right. Lame.

Anyway, it seems like a silly little idea, so I'll probably do it. I'm all about the silly.


Tiffany Neal said...

Sheer genius. Period.

I had to come back to tell you that the captcha I was about to put it was conaly...

Nick said...

I usually only pay attention to FB's captcha's because they often amuse me. Favorite one I got recently was:

1961 deniers

It makes me want to write something about something having happened that would make people want to deny a whole year. I just can't really think of anything that isn't hackneyed scifi. Oh well.

Your captcha plan isn't necessarily a bad one. Just need to be smart at weeding them out. Figure I'll share mine for this: Ongrrol

Just Wendy said...

I think you maybe onto something there!

Fun post :)

Terry Towery said...

Personally, I think it's aliens talking to us through our own technology.

But I could be wrong.

Erin Kuhns said...

You know, I read this post yesterday and I have to say that now, I think of you and your post about the Captchas every time I'm adding a comment to someone's blog. It's hilarious! Love it!

Erin Kuhns said...

P.S. The captcha from my last comment was: latorti

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