Thursday, April 22, 2010


I suppose I don't do this a lot, so I decided to talk about my quest for publication today. I've got loads of pretty numbers for you number people out there. I'm not one of them really. I've learned to dislike numbers in conjunction with my writing. This might change when there's dollar signs with the numbers someday. IF.

IF I find an agent.
IF I get published.
IF Anyone buys it.
IF critics don't tear me down so much I need a rubber room. Well, more than I usually do.

In the meantime, my numbers are sad.

Queries sent: 62
Queries rejected: 40
Queries not replied to: 22
Queries not replied to that are probably 'no's: 17
Queries that got a partial request: 000.00
Queries that got a full request: 000,000.07 (I'd like to think at least one THOUGHT about it, so that warrants part of a percent)

Completed MSS: 1
word count: after chopping 35,000+.... 115,000 and still too long, apparently
Current WIPs: 1
word count: 30,500
I've added about 3600 words this week, so some success there.

Number of times I've given gmail the finger: 346,754,897,421

The last one is not a true stat.
I'm sure it's much higher.
In my defense, it's not often query related. It's just a nervous tick I have.

Number of times I wished I was Tiger Woods: 0
Number of times I wished I was Tahereh: Infinity+7
Number of pounds I've put on the last five months: let's not go there.
Number of pounds I'd like to lose: 638. This includes a relative and a couple coworkers.

Okay, I think that's all the pertinent information for now. Have a fab Friday and weekend if I don't see you.


Aubrie said...

Hey, I'll buy your book if it comes out! This was very interesting to read through. I should count my own query responses this next time round (I've already queried three books with no success).

Terry Towery said...

Ah, but good things come to those who wait, right? See, dontcha just hate that kind of innocent optimism?

Actually, I think you're a wonderful writer and WILL get published. I suspect it's hard for a reason, although for the life of me I can't think what that reason might be right now. ;)

Hannah said...

I'm sure all of us following you will buy your book! No worries there. Your numbers are better than mine. Books to query-0...and pretty much zeros all the way down. :) Buck up little camper.

Summer Frey said...

Yeah, what Palindrome said! I just admire everyone who's already at query stage!

DL Hammons said...

LOL! Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

Number of pounds I'd like to lose: 638. This includes a relative and a couple coworkers.

I'm still chuckling at that one!! :)

Susan Fields said...

I don't dare count up my numbers, it would be too depressing! But I've read your stuff and I know it's really good - just keep sending it out there and your day will come.

Mia Hayson said...

Number of times I've given gmail the finger: 346,754,897,421

The last one is not a true stat.
I'm sure it's much higher.
In my defense, it's not often query related. It's just a nervous tick I have.

I thought I was the only one! And in your double super duper defense gmail can be very dense and irritating at the best of times.

Oh ^^ those guys are right, I would totally buy your book too :~D Also, you FINISHED an MS. Man, I admire ANYONE who has finished an MS because I'm not even there yet :~(

KBO though *hugs* it'll happen

Jon Paul said...

Hey, I could stand to lose a relative and a couple co-workers too. So there. Don't you feel much better now?




Nevermind. See you next week.


Christi Goddard said...

Aubrie - Querying might not be your thing, but you're published and that totally counts.

Terry - It's hard because it's something I want. It'd only be easy if it was something I didn't care about. My apologies to the masses. This is my fault.

Palindrome - I hate camping. And seriously, finish that book, woman.

Summer - Don't admire the stress, rejection, and sense of utter failure. You're allowed to admire my red bat, though.

DL - I live to amuse. I'm still chuckling myself.

Susan - Thanks bunches. I'm hopeful, too, on my good days.

Mia - I've no idea what KBO is, but you said it in a cute way, so I'll assume it's positive.

Anonymous said...

Number of times I've given gmail the finger: 346,754,897,421

*Wishes she had an emoticon slowly shaking its head*

I feel you there. Great post, and really enjoy your blog. Thanks!

Mel Chesley said...

Wow. Queries I've sent: 0 Times I've flipped off Yahoo Mail: Um, I don't think that number exists. XD

Have a good weekend!

Sarah Ahiers said...

ugh, sucky stats.
is your genre YA? Because if it's just fantasy, 115K shouldn't be too long. (i don't know about YA word counts...)
And yes, i will buy your book.
Do you think it's the query that's not attracting attention?

Christi Goddard said...

Kelly - Welcome aboard.

Lass - Sure it does. It's just too long to list.

Falen - It's sort of in the middle, and could be YA or adult. I think it leans more adult because of pacing, as YA tends to be faster. And I've had so much help with my query that I think it's the project and not the query itself.

Jaydee Morgan said...

I hate numbers too. However, I admire the heck out of anyone who has had the guts to query (even if it results in rejection). I'm not there yet but I can already feel the stress of it.

Keep at it!

sarahjayne smythe said...

I hope you feel better now. And I'm totally with you on some of those stats. :)

Lisa Gail Green said...

OMG that's hysterical! The 638 lbs part I could lose a few relatives too. But as far as the rest don't get too discouraged. You're a good writer. You can do it.

Christine Danek said...

Hey you are a lot farther than me. Be proud where you are at. Good things come to those who wait. Why is patience is so hard. I can't stand being patient.
You will get there.

MBW aka Olleymae said...

It's great that you're out there querying. Hopefully some of those that you're waiting on a response from will give you some helpful feedback.

Best of luck!!

Christi Goddard said...

Thanks you guys. Your support means the world to me, especially lately when my am-I-crazies are really taking over.

Tahereh said...

awww Christi!!!

i love you. and adore you. and think you're fabulous.

just hang in there, love. i know it sucks, and it hurts, and it makes you want to break things (many things), but i've read your work, and i know you're talented. you'll get there, my friend.

you will.

onward and upward! always.


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