Saturday, August 20, 2011

Inspiration Lightning

Ever have it? You're sitting around mulling something mundane over when from east of left field comes this jolt of inspiration. I had that happen a couple of days ago and now all I can think about is my new WIP.

I am attempting something I've never done before because I want to push myself to be a better writer, the kind of writer I know I can be if I work hard enough. They say to challenge yourself and write something you're afraid you can't do. I've definitely done that. With each page I pause and stare at it, not sure if I'm on the right path.

It doesn't matter, I think. Just being on a path, no matter how far removed from the heavily trod one it is, may be enough. All roads lead to Rome. Some just take a more scenic route than others.

How about you? Feeling inspired? What inspires you to keep going?


Golden Eagle said...

Yes, I've had it! :)

I wish I was feeling more inspired toward my current WIP, but I keep coming up with new ideas for a different project I'm planning for NaNoWriMo. What inspires me depends on the kind of story I'm writing; for some, it's reading within the genre, other times it's things I see and hear.

Alleged Author said...

I'm so glad you're inspired. Hopefully it equals much success! :)

vic caswell said...

occassionally it happens to me like this. more often though, inspiration funnels in from some other source... oftentimes documentaries... or monsterquest (which is kinda the same thing... in my head at least!)

i'm excited for you to push your boundaries! that's an excellent thing to do. there was a vlog over at writeoncon by an illustrator, and he was saying that everytime you stretch and exercise your creative muscles, they grow. and even if you're stretching out in a different medium than you're used to, that it is still growth and allows a more multifaceted perspective within a writer... of course, that's the way my brain filtered what he said! but-

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

How exciting! Enjoy the moment. The beginning of a new story is so exciting. :)


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