Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We've all had them, right? I'll give you a prime example.

My daughter came into my office last night(or technically 3:30am) and said, "Why are you up so late?"

"I'm reading a blog and a few of these agents are hilarious. But now I'm worried no agents will want my book."

Her response? "Why wouldn't Asians want your book?"

"Agents, sweetie. Agents."

I doubt I'm the pillar of social etiquette anyway (which will shock none of you, I'm sure), but I've got a bad habit of trying to assume what someone said if I didn't understand them. I would rather take my chances of deducing what was most likely said rather than ask a person to repeat themselves.

This, as anyone could predict, leads to an occasional misunderstanding. I tend to assume towards the positive end of the scale so it's not like I get angry. I just know there've been many conversations in my life when I didn't have a clue what the other person was talking about because I'd missed the most pivotal word and was too embarrassed to stop them and say, 'Wait, what word did you say there?'

Am I alone in this? It is just another quirky thing about me I should have kept to myself? I have little doubt.


Matthew MacNish said...

I do this all the time. I'm nearly deaf.

Christi Goddard said...

My problem is my attention span. They'll say a word and it reminds me of something, so I get lost in my internal thoughts briefly. By the time I come back, I'm all 'okay...I hope I didn't miss more than a word or two.' ;-)

A.T. Post said...

I'd comment on this post, but I won't, because I'm afraid the secret Asians will find me.

vic caswell said...

i ususally ask a couple of times (because my hearing is terrible), but then i just guess!

the other day, i was sitting at the lunch table at work. Along came a heavily accented man that works in maintenace and he began to chat with a coworker at me table. they carried on for several minutes, she would nod or say no, or i guess so... or whatever. and it was strange because sometimes her answers were really... odd. when he walked away, she turned her head and smiled at me. and i rose my eyebrows, like "what the heck were you giving him those strange answers?!?!?"

and she says, "i don't speak spanish."

and i was like?!?!?!?! how is that relevant!?!??!!?

and she says, "i couldn't understand a word he was saying. i don't speak spanish."

and i couldn't stop laughing, because he was NOT speaking spanish. it was just his accent.

u know.
hee hee hee!!!

Christi Goddard said...

postman, the secret Asians already know where you are.

aspiring - that is HILARIOUS.

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