Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I was reading through some old blog posts from when I first started out on this little journey of mine two years ago and also reading the comments posted by those of you who have been with me the longest. It might seem crazy to say this, but I miss that part of my journey. I miss posting about query letters sent or what I read at some agent's blog or having meltdowns that you guys talk me down from. Weird, huh?

I also found this little story I shared, and I giggled all over again. I thought I'd post it again for those who never saw it or those who might enjoy reading it again.


Have you ever felt like you were not explaining yourself well enough, so took that extra, over-the-top bit of oomph to really get your point across --only to then wish you had kept your big mouth shut? I learned at a very young age to stop myself from doing this. Let me explain:

My father had a best friend since childhood who had two daughters appx the same age as my sister and me. They traveled from Kansas to Colorado (where I lived at the time) one summer to visit when I was nine. My sister was ten, the other two girls were nine and eleven.

My sister and the eldest of the two usually picked on me and the other nine year old. They would taunt us and say things that weren't very nice --or just beat us up. One night, while in my room, the four of us got into a VERY heated discussion that attracted the attention of the adults who then called us into the living room.

The four of us dutifully answered the call, and I was the one volunteered to explain what all the commotion was about.

"Chelle and Julie are saying that Kris and I are girlfriends."


**Step-mother arches brow inquiringly**

"They said that we sleep together."

**Again the parents say nothing, but look sort of amused**

At that point, I was sure that all four adults were complete idiots. How could they not understand how totally violated I was to have my sexuality questioned at the tender age of nine?

So, in effort to make them fully understand the depth of my horror, I puffed out my chest and said, "They said that we... you know... F**K."

I did not see the other three girls behind me back away, but my dad often likens it to the parting of the Red Sea. My step-mother looked furious. My father and his best friend burst out laughing. His best friend's wife told us all to go back to our bedrooms and leave each other alone.

So, in short, I did not get my ass whooped, but I can tell you that is the memory that always pops into my head whenever I think someone is not getting my point. Now, instead of continuing on, I just assume they are an idiot and keep my mouth shut so I don't sound like one.

Also, no offense intended to those of alternative lifestyle in the telling of this story. I was nine and had no idea what homosexuality really was. Now I have many friends of the persuasion who make sure I understand fully. :-)


vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

i remember this story!
in defense of foot in the mouth:
it wouldn't have been nearly as funny if you didn't go that extra step...

Julie Dao said...

Hilarious! I can just imagine brave nine-year-old you whipping out the F-word.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Ha! That was hilarious. I usually just keep explaining and get myself into more and more trouble. Must remember to just close my big mouth. :-)

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