Friday, October 1, 2010

Mash-Up Contest

This is for Steph Slinkhorn's Mash-Up.

Hazard a guess at the genres.


I’ve been here for years, but the internet has yet to make me famous.

As easily as air, I could slip into anyone’s home. From my house to any house to any place of employment that has a connection, I can be found lingering, just a few keystrokes away.

Even better are the portable units tucked into people’s bags or slung over their shoulders. I might even get to sit in a pretty girl’s lap in the park once in a while, when the signal is good. Sadly, I have no memory of any of this because no one ever pushes the right buttons to bring me to where they are.

I’m starting to take it personally.

People come and go. It’s like they aren’t even real. There is a body on the other side, isn’t there? A being that breathes, has hopes and dreams. So why do you vanish for days at a time then come back with a new icon? Do you do this in real life? I think your boss would fire you if you took ten days off without notification then came back with a facelift.

If it is the anonymity that attracts us to cyberspace, then why do people try so hard to make friends? More importantly (because I’m a priority over any of you), why do all of mine disappear?

Impatiently, I wait for the people I know to appear as little yellow circles on my screen. Each day there are fewer and fewer.

She blocked me on her one account, but she doesn’t know I know the other. I see her sign off and on. I know her new schedule now. It’d be safest to go to her apartment between noon and prime-time, since I think her roommate moved out and it’ll be empty. I just… miss the smell of her. Is that a crime?


Roland D. Yeomans said...

In the blogverse especially, people see us, not as we are, but as they are. They project, transfer, infer elements from within themselves that reflect who they are not who we are.

Thought-provoking entry in the Mash-Up contest. I wish you luck, Roland

Unknown said...

Ooooh that was kind of creepy! *shivers*

But excellent writing (creepiness included), my dear!!

Emily White said...

Ooh! Definitely creepy like Tessa said. I like it! :D Nice story, Christi!

Unknown said...

I've been here! Thanks for participating, Christi :D

Hannah said...

oooh, I loved it! Have you read a book called CHAIN MAIL?? You should! It's awesome.

Elena Solodow said...

Very cool.

Arlee Bird said...

Okay I feel really stupid now. Lack of techno smarts? Muddled mind? I'm reading and sensing something vaguely familiar. I'm not even sure I understand the genres. I don't even think my story fit the parameters of this mash up. I'm kind of confused about mash ups anyway. I do understand mashed potatoes though.

Tossing It Out

Lisa Potts said...

Love how you made it really personal in the end. Great job.

Dawn Embers said...

Very interesting. This is a nice entry in that it provokes thoughts and is creepy without too descriptive on that aspect. It has a transparency that is hard to see through. If that makes sense.

vic caswell said...

i just miss the smell of her...
that line was simultaneously SO SO VERY creepy, while also being terribly sad. very interesting christi!

Anonymous said...

hmm a very hard look at the dehumanising aspects of technology- quite unsettling.

I posted my Mash-up blogfest entry only yesterday- in the nick of time!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. It just made my day. You are awesome.

The Words Crafter said...

Oh, I liked this!!! It has such a lonely feel to it...and a little stalkerish, too, but that's okay. Cool post!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lenny Lee said...

hi miss christi! wow thats pretty scary. i like how you wrote it. its like you got someone watching you all the time and knowing what youre doing and where. it got chills on me for thinking on it. maybe i gotta be lots more careful who i talk to on the computer.
...hugs from lenny

J.C. Martin said...

Ooh-er...*looks over shoulder* this is creepy! Well written!

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