Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blogger Book Fair Day One!

The Blogger Book Fair starts today! We have many authors participating in this Book Fair, and there's tons of prizes and books to hear about.

At A.E. Howard's blogs A.E. Howard Writes and Wayfaring Artisst Find out about A. E. Howard’s YA Fantasy Flight of Blue! The novel is part one of the Keeper of the Keys Chronicles. She’ll have giveaways and a 15% discount on the paperback version of her book. Go to her blogs to see more details!

Alana Rock hosts three authors on her blog Dark Obsession Chronicles; John Corwin, author of Sweet Blood of Mine and Dark Light of Mine, P. A. Lupton author of Bound by Blood and Derrolyn Anderson, author of the Marina’s Tales Series. You can get book one of the Marina’s Tales Series, Between the Land and the Sea, for free by visiting Alana’s Blog and while you are there, sign up for the giveaways of Corwin’s Sweet Blood of Mine and Anderson’s Bound By Blood!

Okay, that's the first three booths! There's tons more, but I don't want to weigh you down with a huge post, so I'm breaking it down into several posts during the next three days. The Book Fair ends July 29th, so do some clicking, people! Free stuff awaits you. Click on the Book Fair button on the top right of my blog if you're too impatient to find out who the rest of the authors are. :-)


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Sounds like fun. The nightmare storm of this past weekend swept the news of this from me. But Victor Standish couldn't help but leap into the fray when he read there were monsters somewhere lurking in this fest!

Best of luck with this!

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