Monday, January 3, 2011

Guess Who's Not Dead

Well, there's you, of course. Look at you, all lively and filled with hope for the new year!

There's me, obviously. I know I vanished for over a month, and I'll make no excuses. I'd think of blogging and couldn't think of a single thing to say that wasn't already being said by everyone else. I hope you all had a great holiday season, and I hope your Monday didn't suck too awful bad.

In a few weeks is my one year blog anniversary. I think about the year I've had, and it's definitely been a rollercoaster of hope and dismay. I think I've achieved my happy place, though. I'm not defeated. I'd like to think of it as pacing myself. For so many months I worked tirelessly (or dragging ass at times) on finding an agent. I wrote two MSS. Started two more. I kept pushing myself, and you know what? I don't operate that well under pressure, especially pressure I put on myself. I had about ten agents ask for partials or fulls on my second MS, and I let myself get wrapped up in the hope of being published.

I've reached a point of patience I didn't know I had. I'll keep toiling, at my own pace on the stories I want to write. Sometimes I think I should write to the market. I've been told my stories are too far removed from mainstream that I'm shooting myself in the foot. I decided I'm okay with that. I'd rather 'make it' on a book that is 'me' than a book I wrote I didn't enjoy, and have to write more just like it or similar to it. I just need to find an agent that fits; one that gets my quirky humor and thinks my crazy stories will appeal to enough readers to make it worth their while.

Right? Maybe? I suspect this might be another lie to myself.

How 'bout you guys? Keeping it real or swimming in fantasy? Anyone land an agent while I sat on the couch this month, nursing my allergy to the internet?


The Words Crafter said...

I admire your determination to be true to yourself. Bravo! Last year was a difficult year. I'm believing this one to be a much better one....

If you'd like, you can come visit. I'm having a giveaway and there may be something you'd like to take a chance at....

A.T. Post said...

Glad to know you're still extant, comrade.

And hey, I know how you feel. I didn't do any holiday-related posts this year because, well, it's all been done, y'know?

I got too wrapped up in finding an agent too, once. Then one day I caught myself editing my manuscript specifically FOR that invisible, imaginary, longed-for agent, instead of myself. Horrified, I almost destroyed it. Haven't hardly touched it since. I think it may be time to check back up on it and see how it's doing.

Agent?! HA! I took on a second job and a girlfriend. Haven't had much time for agent-hunting. Just banging away on a short SF story, basically.

Good to have you back.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Hi, Christi, glad to see you're back! I did the holiday posts as a exercise in character building -- as in suffering builds character!

Your reasoning for staying true to your kind of writing is wise. Wouldn't it be hell to hit the limelight, but to be forced to write novel after novel in a genre you hated?

May 2011 bring us both success in our publication dreams. Roland

Jemi Fraser said...

Welcome back! I think you're right. I have to write stuff I love, stuff I believe in... otherwise I couldn't do it, or wouldn't do it. Writing takes too much heart and soul and dedication to do something you don't love. Stick with it! You'll find the right people at the right time!

Alison Pearce Stevens said...

Good for you! You have to write what's true to you.

No agent for me, but then I haven't been trying. I've been avoiding the internet, too. :) Happy new year!

vic caswell said...

glad to hear you're still alive... not so sure i am though! :)
sounds like you have all your priorities straight! happy new year! :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

glad you're back! And i think we all have those moments with our blogs. Except for maybe like Elana or something.
Also, writing isn't a race. You'll acheive your goals at your own pace and be happier for it.

Anonymous said...

Do not back down, Christi. The right agent IS out there. It's just a matter of finding her/him. NEVER compromise your heart and spirit of writing for the sake of publishing.

Maybe 2011 is YOUR YEAR. :)

Charity Bradford said...

*waves* good to see you again. I think I need to develop or catch your allergy to the internet. It's hurting my writing and turning my brain to mush.

Good for you for finding a happy place and writing for you. I agree it would be better to wait and have something published that you enjoyed writing. I think I'd enjoy reading that more anyway. ;)

JE said...

No, you are totally, totally right! And I think it's wonderful you came to that conclusion. I am the same way! Exactly!

I'm glad all is well with you. ;-) I've missed you!


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I agree with you. You have to write what you love to write, otherwise why do it?

Keeping writing. You'll find your niche.

Hannah said...

Just write what you can, when you can and most importantly, what you want! So it's not That doesn't mean it won't be mainstream and who's to say YOU won't make it mainstream. Challenge yourself and keep writing what you love! Glad you're back!

Alleged Author said...

I think it's always best to remain true to yourself than write for the market. That's when the market is saturated with books that don't ring true to Booklist and the like. You have to write from your soul and from what you know. When you do it will hit everyone like a ton of brinks. Remember that post you wrote about banned books and why they helped people--especially you? I've often thought you should venture into that territory. I think you would help a multitude of people from ages 8 on up. Just my two cents though.

Alleged Author said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tamara Narayan said...

No agent in my Christmas stocking either. I did have a wild fall where an agent asked for a revision after reading the first 100 pages. She passed after deciding the premise was too risky to appeal to editors. I was crushed, but my manuscript is so much better (and shorter), I picked up some new writing skills, and I had an agent read the whole thing (I think) for the first time. I've got the full with a different agent now and I'm trying not to let my hopes get up too high.

Keep writing for yourself. Compromise only makes sense once you're working with agents and editors.

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