Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNoWri-not so much

So, Day 1 of NaNo was a bust. I got zero words written. I had a late night at work, then stuff happened afterwards, so it was pretty much NaNot.

Last night I got 1305 words written. It's under the daily expected, but try as I might - I couldn't just keep going. This whole word vomit thing is beyond me. I paused, I plotted, I carefully constructed each sentence, and at one point I even took about ten minutes to decide what a lesser character's name should be.

And you know what? I'm good with that. I know I won't make the 50,000. I knew that going in. I'll be out of town the last week of November. I have company coming on the 17th. I joined NaNo to force myself to do the butt-in-chair on a daily basis. Even if I only write 20,000 new words, that's 20,000 more than I had.

So tonight, when I get home from work after 6pm, I'll do my best to write another 5+ pages of carefully constructed sentences. For those of you who are awesome at the word vomit thing (I'm looking at you, Mia and Emily) more power to you. I won't deny I have literary penis envy.

Have a great Wednesday, y'all!


JE said...

OMG, who doesn't have literary penis envy of Emily? LOL She cranked out of 10K on the first day!! WTH? I can't do that! I'd never be able to do that! Good for her though.

And good for you, too. Not everyone writes a warp speed. And I know from personal experience that whatever you write (and however long it takes you to write) it FREAKING awesome every time!


Sarah Ahiers said...

yeah Emily is freaking me out quite a bit.
But this year i also decided to allow myself to edit as I go. Not while i'm writing, but once i hit my 1667 (or however much i'm going to write that day) I'm allowing myself to then go back and fix things.
I'm trying to make line editing easier later

Roxy said...

NaNot. Very funny and relatable, Christi. Like you, I'm just trying to do the best I can each day.

Unknown said...

You can only do the best you can. Joining it to force yourself to write every day is a great thing whether you reach the 50k or not, you'll know you tried.

Charity Bradford said...

OMGosh I'm so right there with you Christi, but I'm supposed to be head cheerleader!

I find myself writing here and there and am averaging about 1000 words a day, but I'm not feeling this project. I think I want to go back to my faerie new adult novel.

Hmmm, better decide soon. good luck with whatever you get done this month.

Terry Towery said...

Penis jokes. Always penis jokes.

vic caswell said...

hey! you're so brave to even try!
and using nano to get back into the writing habit sounds like a brilliant idea!

so, well done, i say!

i tip my non-existent cowboy hat to you! :)

Lisa Gail Green said...

Yeah, Christi!! You go girl. I'm rooting for you. Hope you get more done than you would have otherwise. I was upset at first because I had planned on doing Nano, but now I'm doing more revision. But you know what? It's really important and I can always write 50,000 next month... :D

The Words Crafter said...

I think what I'm writing is basically awesome stuff to pull from during editing/revision. It's not bad stuff, just not a lot of action yet.

And I wouldn't worry about it. I started this for nearly the same reason-to get back to writing!

Good luck-you never know....

Mia Hayson said...

Yeah but now Emily has SPEEDED by me in that department and I'm feeling the envy. She's passes 30k. OMG. I can't lie. I'm pretty envious.

Slow and steady wins the race!


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

The thing is . . . you're writing! I think that's awesome. :)

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